Charlie the Clown
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charli the clown

Charlie is a versatile entertainer. As well as playing the clown, a pirate and a story teller, Charlie can transform into other characters, including the Mad Hatter, a Wizard, a Lion and even Santa Claus.

Egbert the Explorer
Spark the Spaceman 

‘Five, four, three, two, one, all engines on!’ Spark puts on his space suit and builds a rocket out of balloons. The children prepare for lift-off, then journey around the Solar System searching for signs of life on other planets.


Magic & Puppets
Spark turns the moon into a piece of cheese, brings along magic and puppets to make sure the show is fun & informative.


Singing, Dancing and Music-Making
Spark brings his guitar plus musical instruments for the children. He sings songs like ‘Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer,’ ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! We’re going to the Moon,’ & ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little Star.’


All the children receive rockets, space ships, magic wands or fairy wings to take home.


Spark brings along fairy lights and hangs up inflatable planets to take us into Outer Space.

Mr Wiz The Wizard

He really is a wiz of a wiz!
Mr Wiz arrives on a customized broomstick, has spells, stars and magic wands that glow in the dark, and he says he knows Harry Potter!

'Gee Wiz, Mr Wiz!'
A magic show with plenty of wizardry and spooks!

Mr Wiz turns the moon into a piece of cheese and an old sponge into a baby dinosaur. He can teach older children horrible tricks with bugs and creepy crawlies and, with parents' permission, can do tricks with fire, water and smoke!

Mr Wiz bring along his guitar, plus poems and spells about owls and spiders. Songs include 'Ten Creepy Bottles', 'See The Sleepy Wizard' and 'Five Little Speckled Frogs'.

Balloon Modelling
All the children are given balloons to take home in the shape of broomsticks, bats, wizard hats and magic wands.  

Mr. Wiz the Wizard
Egbert the Explorer
Egbert the Explorer 

Egbert is available for work on all 7 continents. He has lots of animal puppets, pictures and props and also brings along dinosaurs, dragons, sea monsters and bugs from his famous collection.

Trips around the world
Egbert will take the children on a magical journey to the Amazon Rain Forest, on Safari in Africa or Tiger Spotting in India. Please let him know in advance where you would like to go!

Egbert sings lots of animal songs, nursery rhymes, folk songs (like 'English Country Garden') and learning songs (like 'Tell me the Continents'). All are accompanied on guitar and Egbert also brings musical instruments for the children to play.

Balloon Modelling
All the children take home balloons in the shape of their favourite animals, flowers and dinosaurs.

The Frantic Frenchman.
The Frantic Frenchman 

The funniest garlic and onion seller this side of the English Channel.

One minute he will tell you that his car has broken down and invite you to fix it, the next minute he will ask you for a lift to Paris.

The Frantic Frenchman's garlic is the smelliest and his English is a bit rough, so watch out!

Ideal for walkabouts and street entertainment - great with onion soup!

The Jolly Jester

The Jolly Jester delights and entertains his audience. He is ideal for walkabouts and he can juggle eggs, model balloons, perform magic and clown about!

The Jolly Jester
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter

Why not invite The Mad Hatter and his tea pot to Alice's Tea Party?

Leo the Lion

A bare necessity for A Jungle Book Bash!

Leo the Lion
Indian Chief
Indian Chief
Santa Claus

Santa Claus brings along a large sack full of special ingredients to make Christmas magic!

Santa knows lots of Christmas songs and accompanies them on his guitar. He can also bring along small musical instruments for children to play.

Story-Telling and Question Time.
With the help of lots of puppets and props, Santa explains how Christmas presents are made in the North Pole, what sort of fairies and elves he employs, what time he gets up on Christmas day and full details of his special Christmas delivery service!

Balloon Modelling
Children travel to Santa»s Balloon Modelling Factory to watch him make amazing balloon gifts (reindeer, fairy wings, magic wands and balloon puppies) for them to take home!

Santa Claus
charlie the clown