Charlie the Clown
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charli the clown
Magical make-believe
welcome Squiggle playing guitar

Squiggle the Story-Teller creates a magical make-believe world for young children, using story-telling, drama, music and puppets.

For children who have just started nursery or are yet to do so, Squiggle the Story-Teller is ideal.

Singing, Dancing and Music

Squiggle knows dozens of nursery rhymes and activity songs. Parents and carers are encouraged to join in with the children singing songs such as 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and 'See the Sleepy Shepherd'.

Squiggle also hands out harmonicas, cymbals, whistles and gongs, enabling the children to create their own music.

Musical instruments
Finger puppets

Using props, puppets and pictures, Squiggle takes the children on a magical adventure, for example, a journey into space, a trip to the bottom of the sea or a visit to the zoo.


As the children turn the pages of a giant picture book, Squiggle uses soft toys and silliness to lift the story off the page and bring it to life.

Humpty Dumpty and Giant Picture Books
Modelling and Heart-Shaped Balloons
Balloon Modelling

All the children receive a balloon animal to take home

charlie the clown