The perfect Clown Birthday Parties in London

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charli the clown
Charlie playing guitar

clown birthday parties
The best birthday parties have clowns

Entertainment for 1-5 and 5-10 year olds.

Duration: 75 minutes or 2 hours - longer or shorter by arrangement.

Entertainment can include some or all of the following :- a magic show, a clown show, balloon modelling, singing and dancing plus games and competitions for older children and story-telling, puppets and music making for toddlers.

Face painting for children aged 2 and over is also available - this can be booked separately, or together with other entertainment.


'Don’t do it Charlie!'
What happens if you stick a 12 inch needle into a balloon? How wet will you get if Charlie pours a glass of water over your head? Reading the newspaper is one thing, but can you eat it? The children dare Charlie to find out!

‘Don’t do it, Charlie!’ is a magic show for children of all ages - it's full of fun, surprises and lots of audience participation.

Charlie! You’re being silly again.
Charlie gets the blame for all sorts of magical goings on – from multiplying magic wands and gloves that shrink, to flowers that wilt and making hankies change colour.

‘Charlie! You’re being silly again’ is an exciting magic show for young children.

Charlie performing magic
Charlie the Clown Investigates

Charlie the Clown investigates

Watch out, there’s a mouse in the house!

So, with the help of the children and a bag of props, Charlie sets out to catch it. Everything that comes to hand is tried out, from pop - guns and juggling balls to a clown’s wig and fishing net.

Charlie creates an extra-ordinary world into which children of all ages are drawn - adults will enjoy it as well.

A clown show for everyone!

Singing and Dancing

Charlie accompanies on guitar to traditional nursery rhymes, activity songs and - for older children - dances like ‘The Hokey Cokey’.

Charlie offers a repertoire of over a hundred songs, so request your favourites!

Popular songs include –
‘The Wheels on the Bus’,
‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ and
‘If You’re Happy and You Know It!’

Lots of hand-clapping and foot-stamping, singing and dancing. Children receive prizes for being the best singers and dancers!

Charlie playing guitar
Balloon Modelling
Balloon modelling

All the children receive balloons in a variety of shapes - aeroplanes, animals, bicycles, butterflies, fish, flowers and love hearts.

The children watch as Charlie makes the balloons in front of them (e.g. round the table while they are having tea, or at the end of the show).

Charlie makes a special balloon for the birthday child (e.g. a motorbike for a boy or a tiara fit for a princess).

Games and Competitions

For older children, team competitions, memory games, plate races and balloon contests are all very popular.

With captains, judges, cheer leaders and possible parental involvement, the games are high on energy, excitement and razzmatazz.

Charlie hands out special balloons as prizes, or parents can provide their own.

Charlie vanishing silks
Face Painting

Lots of fun faces to choose from, including :-

Animals and Insects - Big Cats to Tom Cats, Butterflies to Bumblebees

Heroes and Villains - Batman to Spiderman, Dinosaurs to Dracula

Pirates and Princesses
Flowers and Fairies
Wizards and Witches
Ghosts and Ghouls

All professional face paints are water-based.

All products used - including paints, glitter and glitter-gel - are hypo-allergenic.

charlie the clown
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